Alternative Offense for my RSP Team in Matt Waldman’s Team-Building Project

Larry Fitzgerald is one of the newest additions to my RSP offense.

After submitting my RSP write up to Matt Waldman’s RSP Team-Building Project, the majority of the feedback questioned my decision to go with Colt McCoy as my starting quarterback. I was happy to use McCoy and build an offense around him though and didn’t have any regrets with my final submission.

However, simply because of how much I enjoyed the project, I wanted to set about creating a new offense to complement my dominant defense. Once I cleared each depth chart, I was left with 60.5 million to build a completely new offense.

The most important thing I wanted to do was improve at the quarterback position. I did that by spending 13.5 million on Peyton Manning. Manning is obviously a step above Colt McCoy and while he was more expensive, he allowed me to save money elsewhere in building my new offense. There are no questions about Manning’s awareness and decision making, while his health appears to be returning to where it needs to be.

Peyton Manning 13.5
Nate Davis 0.5
Rusty Smith 0.5

With Manning under center I didn’t need to invest heavily in an offensive line, but did add players who suited a pass heavy offense that should keep his shirt clean. Jeff Backus is a veteran left tackle who should safely protect the quarterback’s blindside. Edwin Williams and Ramon Foster are solid guards who are better pass protectors than run blockers, while Charles Johnson is a physical freak who needs to develop and Doug Legursky should really benefit from playing infront of Manning.

Manning made his offensive lines in Indianapolis look a lot better than they actually were over the years with his quick release and understanding of the defense prior to the snap. This offensive line would be average at the very least compared to his previous lines.

Charles Brown 3.5
Jeff Backus 5
Jonathan Scott 1
Edwin Williams 2.5
Ramon Foster 2.5
Evan Dietrich-Smith 0.5
Ryan Wendell 0.5
Doug Legursky 1

My offense doesn’t have Trent Richardson to carry the load anymore, but Mewelde Moore, Steve Slaton and Justin Forsett are all the types of backs who would flourish as part of Manning’s passing attack. With Keiland Williams also an option, there are four complementary pieces for Manning to rely on coming out of the backfield.

Justin Forsett 2
Steve Slaton 2
Mewelde Moore 1

Where things really get interesting with this offense is with Manning’s new receiving weapons.

Larry Fitzgerald is an elite receiver who has been dominant with average quarterback play, having Peyton Manning passing him the football could elevate his game to an even greater level. Fitzgerald was added to the group instead of Calvin Johnson because of his ability to run every route which is vital to an offense with Manning in it.

Much like the Giants wide receiving corps, I have a similar combination of receivers playing in this offense. In fact, Victor Cruz is my slot receiver who Manning would love. Cruz, much like Austin Collie and others before him, would never be discouraged about receiving the football while his ability to run with it for big plays would make him a game-changer no matter what part of the field he was in. Rounding out the offense is Emmanuel Sanders, who was on the original RSP team. Sanders has great physical abilities, much like Mario Manningham, and would be a matchup problem for defenses playing across from Fitzgerald and Cruz.

Emmanuel Sanders 3.5
Larry Fitzgerald 9
Victor Cruz 6.5
Chad Hall 1
Britt Davis 0.5
Roberto Wallace 0.5

The one thing Manning always relied on in Indianapolis more than anyone, was Dallas Clark. Instead of adding the veteran Clark, I instead added a player who reminds me of him in Fred Davis. Davis may not catch every football thrown his way, but he is a big play threat and difficult matchup as a receiving tight end.

Fred Davis 2.5
Donald Lee 0.5
Keiland Williams 0.5

Jim Harbaugh and Jay Gruden were my previous choices as coordinator and coach. With Manning, Harbaugh and he may not have worked well together. If I were to chose a head coach for a Peyton Manning-led team, then it would be a defensive mind such as Romeo Crennel or John Fox. Of course, the ideal coordinator with a Manning-led offense is Tom Moore.

The Defense remains the same:


Nnamdi Asomugha 9.5
Darelle Revis 12
Troy Polamalu 6
Antoine Bethea 5
Dwight Lowery 0.5
Keenan Lewis 0.5
Cortez Allen 0.5
Chris Cook 0.5
Kendrick Lewis 1


 Von Miller 9.5
 Lamarr Woodley 7
 Lawrence Timmons 8
Donta Hightower 4.5
 Jameel McClain 1
Brian Rolle 0.5
Keyaron Fox 0.5
Keith Brooking 0.5

Defensive Linemen:

Haloti Ngata 10
Adam Carricker 0.5
Terrence Cody 1
Corey Liuget 0.5
Cameron Heyward 0.5
Steve McLendon 0.5
Kendall Langford 2
Glenn Dorsey 3
Raheem Brock 0.5
Dave Tollefson 1

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Cian Fahey is a journalist for Irishcentral and the Guardian, as well as being previously published in various other media outlets.
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