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Chicago Bears – Jay Cutler is Set for a Massive Rebound Season in 2012

The two best chefs in the world stand in separate kitchens. Both are tasked with making a chocolate souffle, something both chefs have done with ease on a regular basis. One chef works with his regular staff, a group of … Continue reading

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Delving into Dynasty Football: A Beginner’s guide and Strategy for First Fantasy Draft

Ever since I’ve been following football, I have always struggled to stick with fantasy football once the regular season began. My problem with fantasy football has always been the lack of depth. I do love football, but drafting a one … Continue reading

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NFL 2012 Regular Season: The Most Under-Appreciated Player at every Position

When you play in the world that is the NFL, fans, analysts, commentators, and just general observers often get lost in reputations, statistics, and off-the-field incidents rather than focusing on football. For some players, this is a wonderful thing. For … Continue reading

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Despite Return of Peyton Manning, the NFC is set to Dominate the AFC again in the NFL

Referee John Parry flipped the coin in the air. New York Giants special teams captain Zak DeOssie called tails before it hit the ground. The coin landed on heads and in Super Bowl XLVI, the NFC lost its first Super … Continue reading

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Arizona Cardinals Should Consider Trade for Quarterback Tyrod Taylor of the Baltimore Ravens

According to Jason LaConfora, and anyone who has watched the Arizona Cardinals play the past few years, the Cardinals could trade for a new quarterback before the beginning of the season. Both Kevin Kolb and John Skelton have failed to … Continue reading

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San Francisco 49ers: Have Jim Harbaugh’s side Suffered Enough to Succeed?

Eli Manning took the ball from center David Baas. Manning didn’t turn to give the ball to his back or drop into the pocket to throw. Instead he sidestepped to his left and dropped his knee to the floor. Manning … Continue reading

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Pittsburgh Steelers: Chris Rainey Changes the Identity of the Third Down Role on Offense

Since Ben Roethlisberger was drafted, the Pittsburgh Steelers have been inching further and further away from the running game as the seasons have gone by. That is the natural reaction to finding your franchise quarterback. The emphasis on the running … Continue reading

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