For job opportunities, information or for any other inquiries you can email or find me on twitter @Cianaf.


2 Responses to Contact

  1. Logan Dollar says:

    Hi Cian, I recently went to go to your Twitter page and am blocked for some reason (dollar_logan). I have never tweeted you and hardly tweet in general. I assume it was a mistake but just wanted to reach out. I enjoy your page (especially during football season) and would like to be able to view it. Please feel free to let me know if I missed something along the way. Thanks!

  2. Hey Cian so today I replied to your Vikings being a super bowl contender tweet with a (rather amazing) GIF and you blocked me. I enjoy your articles and love it when you’re on the LeBatard Show. My reply was nothing more than poking fun at all my friends who are Vikings fans. Just thought you should know I wasn’t trolling you or offending your article. Hope you will have a change of heart and unblock me because I truly like reading your statistics and all your info. My twitter is closvega41

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