Atlanta Falcons NFL Regular Season 2012 Index

Can Matt Ryan finally make a run in the playoffs? He certainly has the weapons but maybe not the protection.

State of the Offense:
The Falcons appointed a new offensive coordinator this year, Dirk Koetter, who is expected to complete the team’s transition into a pass first offense. Michael Turner no longer has any notable burst to take over games against better teams, he did still put up huge numbers against weaker run defenses last year. Instead youngster Jacquizz Rodgers should be more involved as a receiving running back behind Matt Ryan. Ryan, Julio Jones Continue reading

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Arizona Cardinals NFL Regular Season 2012 Index

Larry Fitzgerald appears set to have another season of anonymity out in the desert.

State of the Offense:
Even though John Skelton has been named the starter for Week 1, it is still unclear whether Skelton will hold onto the job throughout the whole season. Skelton has a better rapport with Larry Fitzgerald than Kevin Kolb, but the difference between the two is not notable overall. Whoever is under center for the season will have plenty of firepower, but very little protection. The much maligned left tackle Levi Brown has landed on IR, but it’s currently unclear if he will benefit from the new mid-season IR ruling. In Brown’s place is Continue reading

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NFL 2012 Season Preview and Predictions

How will Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers respond to a disappointing 2011 playoff loss?

1. AFC East (order of finish)

New England Patriots — The quality of quarterback, Tom Brady, should allow the Patriots to overcome any other issues that they will have to endure this year. While everyone is excited about the weapons in Boston this year on offense, the Patriots’ offensive line is in the process of a major transition while the team’s two leading pass rushers left in the off-season. By no means is this a 16-0 team, but the lack of another sure thing under center within the division will give them the title again this year.

Buffalo Bills — Depending on how good Ryan Fitzpatrick can be, the Bills really do have a chance to shock the world this year. More important than the addition of Mario Williams, the Bills transition to a 4-3 defense will see Marcel Dareus and Kyle Williams turn become the most disruptive pair of defensive tackles in the NFL. The Bills will have a feared defensive line, with the secondary to take advantage of that pressure. Cordy Glenn’s addition to the offensive line can’t be overlooked either. Continue reading

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New York Giants NFL Regular Season 2012 Index

Can Eli Manning be the MVP? Can Jason Pierre Paul be the Defensive MVP?

State of the Offense:
A lot has changed on the Giants’ offense entering this season, but the same problems remain. Martellus Bennett comes in to reinforce the depleted tight end group, while Rueben Randle was drafted to replace Mario Manningham as the team’s third receiver. In the backfield rookie David Wilson comes in to replace the departed Brandon Jacobs while William Beatty’s return at left tackle brings another new line combination, although Beatty Continue reading

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Dallas Cowboys NFL Regular Season 2012 Index

Is Tony Romo now the athlete under the most pressure to win a championship?

State of the Offense:
The quality on the Dallas Cowboys offense this year is overwhelming…on paper. The unit actually enters the season with a myriad of issues however. Quarterback Tony Romo has two quality tackles watching his back, but the interior of his offensive line has been revamped through free agency and through injury entering the season. DeMarco Murray looks set to be a superstar runner, but he needs to prove his durability after a very short rookie season. Nobody has ever questioned Jason Witten’s durability, but he too enters the season injured with a spleen issue. Miles Austin missed much of the preseason, while Dez Continue reading

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Dallas Cowboys at New York Giants: NFL Regular Season 2012 Injury Report and Preview

Eli Manning and the New York Giants face off against the Dallas Cowboys tonight.

At this time last year, Eli Manning was somewhat of joke among football fans and even the majority of analysts. Manning was coming off a season in which he threw 25 interceptions but still had the confidence to say he was one of the very best quarterbacks in the NFL.

Twelve months later, nobody is laughing at Manning as his reigning Super Bowl champion New York Giants welcome the Dallas Cowboys to New York. The Cowboys and Giants will kick off the 2012 NFL regular season tonight, and while both teams will believe they can ultimately win out in the NFC East, there are more questions than answers entering the season.

Questions in Dallas are commonplace. All-Pro tight end Jason Witten is unlikely to play in the opener because of a lacerated spleen. Talented defensive tackle Jay Ratliff is definitely out because of an ankle injury, while cornerback Mike Jenkins’ status for the game remains unclear. Continue reading

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Jacksonville Jaguars set for Big Performance in 2012 NFL Season

Blaine Gabbert is looking to return to his Missouri form in Jacksonville for the 2012 NFL Season

With a rookie quarterback who struggled more than any other in the league, an offensive line playing a complicated game of musical chairs from Sunday to Sunday, a star running-back coming off offseason surgery, a primary pass rusher struggling with serious health issues, a number one cornerback missing almost half the season and a new head coach taking the reigns before the season’s close, the Jacksonville Jaguars still managed a 5-11 record in 2011.

Yet, there is a significant amount of pessimism engulfing the Jaguars entering this offseason. At least, pessimism from outside observers.

For the casual fan, it is easy to write off the Jaguars. The team hasn’t been relevant in some time. Their quarterback showed very little promise as a rookie and they compounded their dysfunction by selecting a punter in the third round of the draft. Continue reading

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